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After a couple of premieres on European soil this past week, Nike SB just released their latest video entitled “Trust Fall”.

It isn’t really a full length, but at 22 minutes, we wouldn’t call it short. Featuring a heavy collection of Euro riders filmed mostly by Jacob Harris, several American counterparts make cameos throughout, bridging the Atlantic Drift so to speak.

The fact that Nike is able to produce such a high level video whilst only featuring a tiny percentage of their riders truly is a testament to how well picked their team has been in recent years. Everybody involved really went in on this one, but even mixed to some heavy international riders presence, our EU comrades — namely Casper Brooker, Daan Van Der Linden and Kyron Davis — come out with some memorable footage filmed on both sides of the Atlantic. Trust Fall features some of the best skating we’ve seen this year and truth is that you should already be watching it.

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