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words & photos: Robin Pailler

words & photos: Robin Pailler

A trip to Helsinki is never one to turn down.

Especially when it includes HELride.

Now it’s in the 5th year, it’s fair to say HELride has forged it’s on path, stepping out of the CPH Open shadow. Whilst it’s hard to argue against the similarities, HELride has it’s own vibe. It’s less hectic. Less cool guy. Less Danish. More Finnish. But with a level of skating on par with it’s rival event.


Thursday opened up with a bunch of spontaneous street spot missions announced as it happened on Instagram and if you arrived late and missed Pat Duffy’s incredible kick flip into the bank then you missed out altogether. You know that dude’s 45 years old and still shredding!

Friday began with a fun session at Amos Rex square in which riders skated the newly built obstacles. Kevin Baekkel in particular blowing everyones mind going up and over.

The crowd then moved to the 12 stair around the corner where after a host of slams and bails, South African ripper Dlamini shut the session down with a mind melting nollie backside flip that Pat Duffy simply couldn’t quite comprehend.


HELride then lead the masses to the Micropolis skatepark where a girl’s bowl jam went down. Crowd favourites Chloé Bernard & Amy Ryan proving why women’s skateboarding is so on point right now!

Final day events led us to the legendary *Suvilahti DIY spotwhere Eniz Fazliov duly earned MVP status by destroying the rainbow obstacle. His nose grind 180 off in particular generating the most noise.

As always the Death Race was a feat to behold but it came with no surprise that last year’s winner Kevin Baekkel retained the crown with some power slide overtaking on the inside.

Sadly we departed before Sunday’s downhill race but Phil Zwijsen ensured we didn’t miss a thing.

If you missed it all then that’s a damn shame but indulge in the gallery below and start getting your flight booked for next year! Shout out to Monster Energy for making it happen!

*Save the Suvilahti DIY skatepark!  

The Suvilahti skatepark is under the threat of being demolished in the remake of the Suvilahti area. Please click here to sign the petition to save it.

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