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Film Club August 11, 2019July 9th, 2020

Film Club 04 – Daniel Pannemann

portrait:    Friedjof Feye   , skate photo:    Conny Mirbach

portrait: Friedjof Feye, skate photo: Conny Mirbach

This week’s film club comes courtesy of Place Skateboarding Mag editor and all round German ripper Daniel Pannemann.

Naturally there’s some vintage German cinema in here but Daniel was keen to stress this wasn’t his definitive list.

“This is today’s list, tomorrow this list would be a lot different. It’s really hard to pick just a few favorites but I thought I might show you a little bit of what I’m interested in. While I was thinking about my favorite movies or the movies that have inspired me the most I noticed that a lot of German films are in that list, although I never really watch any German movies, especially in recent times. Here’s what I think is worth a mention”.

1) 00 Schneider – Jagd auf Nihil Baxter, Helge Schneider, 1994

I can’t explain how much I love Helge Schneider. If I had to explain my humor it would go in this kind of category. I’m not sure if this was ever translated into other languages and I don’t even know if that will work but try to watch it even if you don’t understand, it is incredibly funny and Helge Schneider is a legend. 

2) Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese, 1976

Robert De Niro in New York City with an incredible soundtrack by Bernard Hermann. Let them take you on a time travel to New York in the ’70s. Doesn’t get much better than this. I could watch movies about NYC for the rest of my life it gives by far the best scenery.

3) Das Boot, Wolfgang Petersen, 1981

I recently rewatched this and remember it used to scare me when I was a little kid. Such a dark movie. A real classic!

4) B-Movie – Lust & Sound in West-Berlin 1979 – 1989, Jörg A. Hoppe, Heiko Lange, 2015

No, not the cartoon about bees. Hard to say if this is really one of my favorites but it has definitely made an impact. I’m not good at these lists since they would change from day to day but i really like the story and this all happened so close to my home. In general, it gives you a good idea of how life in Berlin was back in the day.

5) Herr Lehmann (Berlin Blues), Leander Haußmann, 2003

Might as well pick another film from Berlin. This time it’s the movie I have probably watched the most. Although I’m not actually from Berlin I have a connection with this city and I’m interested in cinematography from Berlin. I really love the feeling of this film, it is pretty on point. We always go to that restaurant they shot a lot of the scenes in. 

You can follow Daniel on Instagram here.

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