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Film Club March 2, 2023July 18th, 2023

Film Club 32 – Grant Noble

Photography by Robin Pailler

You know those annoying guys who seem to be naturally good at everything? That’s Grant Noble.

Whether it’s surfing, skateboarding, logging or shaping, Grant has it all pretty dialled with a nonchalance most of us would kill for. He’s also the nicest dude ever. Which makes him even more annoying.

I jest of course. Grant’s the best. A genuine soul with a heart of gold. Which is why we reached out to him for a list of feel good movies to help uplift our spirits as we get through the remainder of winter.


1) The Endless Summer, Bruce Brown, 1965 / On Any Sunday, Bruce Brown, 1971

These two are probably the only films that I still watch consistently today.  I’m not sure you can beat vintage surfing and motorcycles.

2) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, John Hughes, 1986

Ferris is a righteous dude! Great movie! I think I saw it for the first time in high school and it’s been a favourite ever since.

3) Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis, 1985

Another classic that I can’t get out of my head.  I think I liked it so much because the Delorean was one of my favourite cars as a kid.

4) The Sandlot, David Mickey Evans, 1993

I have never been a baseball fan but this movie always felt like home.  Probably because it was the least boring to watch during the rainy days in elementary school.

5) The Fast and the Furious, Rob Cohen, 2001

I’m a sucker for cars and always favoured the older American muscle cars.  Fun fact. I’m 26 and have had 14 cars.


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