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Vignettes August 22, 2019July 28th, 2020

The Sound of Silence

words: Robin Pailler, photos: Lucie Bascoul

Lucie Bascoul is a freelance art director and photographer based in Paris, France.

In an age where genuine conversation is dead, in favour of opinions, ego & chit-chat bullshit – especially in the creative field – Lucie is a welcome breath of innocence and sincerity. She doesn’t act like she has all the answers. In fact she’s rather inquisitive. Constantly searching. Always on the hunt to learn more about herself and the world around her.

Her photography reflects this. Despite living in Paris, she’s always looking to escape. Incessantly searching for an excuse to discover new terrain, new cultures, new people. Perpetually probing, asking questions of the world and those who inhabit it. She spends time getting to know her subjects, gently building their trust to gain a deeper, more profound insight into both them and herself.

As she would put it:

“I get inspired by the sound of silence. I get inspired by the life of people. Humans and nature meet each other for a second, a minute, sometimes for a breathtaking view, sometimes for an unexpected moment. I find more surprises in nature than I find in anything else around me, because there is something beautiful in what no one can control. Do you remember the feeling of the warmth of the sun on your skin? The sound of water, the sharp of the cold, the dazzling white of the snow, the immensity of an open field… they all have the power to make you stop, even for a second. I love looking into the interaction humans have with nature. I also love looking into people habits, different ways of living, far from what society made them believe in, not embracing a life of work from 9 to 5 every day, a life where they can question what they really need, what make them feel alive. I consider my work a mixture of life moments and silent landscapes, mostly from when I get to explore the world, meeting friends of friends and sharing their life for a little moment”.

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