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Video: Lannie Rhodes

August is always a quiet time for skate clips. Everyone’s on vacation.

Which is why it’s surprising that in the space of two days, two skate clips drop, both in NYC – the other being Dickies “Another Day, Another Bodega” Video.

Whilst the latter just feels like a bunch of separate clips randomly thrown together to try and pass off as a team trip, Where Are We Going? is full crew vibes and clocking in at almost 17 minutes, it’s not worried about audiences’ low attention span in the modern era.

The skating is gnarly too with Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez, Milton Martinez, Jackson Pilz, Simon Bannerot, Collin Provost and Jhanca Gonzalez all going in. Milton especially never fails to blow minds and of course, we all love seeing Louie footage wherever we can.

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