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Originals October 9, 2019


Words: Alexei Obolensky, Photos: Benoit Potier

Well that was a wild one. 

 Tentative weather forecasts set aside we decided to press on. We are serious men with premieres to show and we won’t let a weather forecast get in the way of having a damn good time.

Screens were built. Bars were built. Hossegor you turn up pretty good? In all essence we were under prepared. The shop was full. Beers were being poured with increasing ferocity and the boys at Waxed had the cocktail shop in the back running at full tilt. We screened, and the rain came. But my god do we love you guys. Screaming at Balisto’s Globe Welcome Clip. Noah’s punts and Creedo’s rail game were met with hoot and applause under the pouring rain and we couldn’t help but nurture a small smile as this, we reckon, is about as core as it gets. 

If you couldn’t make it, Cult of Freedom the Creed Part and Noa’s RU BU 994 will be online in the near distant future.  We’ll also, most hopefully, be seeing you tomorrow night for Chippa’s premiere at Monsieur Moutette in Capbreton from 7pm.

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