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From the World, Interviews December 20, 2019June 28th, 2020



You may already be familiar with The Hunt NYC, and if you’re not then you can start getting familiar right here.

Having first discovered the brand through legendary skateboarder Dylan Rieder, we recently got to hang out with co-founder Steven Ditchkus in New York and despite being ridiculously busy, Steven still managed to take 5 mins over coffee to answer our questions.

 1) How was the Hunt conceived? What was the inspiration?

The Hunt has always been a passion project for us. At its core is our love for the old, the unusual, and the beautiful. The store has always been a way for us to create something unique, something that was a reflection of our individual tastes and aesthetic values. It’s an antique store, a brand, a gallery, and it has become the blood for bringing our creative impulses to life.

2) Who are the founders? Are you all from New York? 

The Store was founded by Steven Ditchkus, Jake Lamagno, and Dylan Rieder. None of us are from New York originally but Jake and I have been here for well over a decade now. 

3) How does your vibe fit with NYC? 

We live and breathe in the downtown culture of New York City. The potent energy, the people, the rich history — all these things have shaped us as individuals. We hope that these influences are echoed in the store and things we create. The store itself is unique but we would like to believe that it is very much a product of the community in which it rests.”

4) Where does the Eye come from?

May it watch over you

5) How do you source such an amazing range of antiques? Do you go on any buying trips? 

The select vintage and antiques that we carry come from a wide range of nooks and crannies all over the country. For the most part, we do our hunting within the continental U.S. and tend to focus on Americana.  However, lately we’ve brought in a few great pieces from Asia and West Africa.

6) How long have you been in your Canal street store? 

We have been in the neighborhood for 8 years now. We moved to the 27 Canal Street location for 5 years. 

7) What does the future hold for the Hunt?

Currently we’re working on some exciting collaborations and expanding The Hunt’s design lines (both jewelry and apparel) ; expect to see some new and highly inspired goods from us this Spring.

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