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Nice To Know Ya is a new surf edit by Kevin Jansen featuring Vans riders Hanna Scott, Karina Rozunko & Margaux Arramon-tucoo in Nova Scotia, Canada.

We actually saw the beautiful trio at the Duct Tape Invitational in New York just prior to this trip and were amazed to learn that it would be both Karina and Margaux’s first time in Canadian waters.

As far as trips go, it definitely seemed to have ups and downs. We remember seeing Margaux’s board getting fucked over on our IG feed and that most of the week seemed to be very cold up there.

Nevertheless they did end up finding fun waves in between cold, persistent rain, and non stop driving.

The result is a charming edit, highlighting the feel-good vibes these three inhabit come rain or shine.

Both Hanna & Margaux also recently contributed to our film club which you can find here and here respectively – we’re working on getting Rini’s….

Check out Tom Terrell’s photo gallery from the trip below.

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