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Vignettes March 26, 2020July 28th, 2020

Lucid Dreaming

We’re all about random emails.

In fact in times like these, we encourage it.

That’s exactly what Dela Charles did a few days back,

Born and raised in Berlin, Dela was always bound to be an artist. At 4 years old she handed her Mum a drawing and when her Mum asked what it was, she replied, “It’s art, obviously!”.

Dela went on to study art and design but after suffering a broken ankle and spending her final year at home, she picked up a camera and started shooting photos again.

Now in lockdown, Dela’s focusing on putting together various projects she’s been working on in recent years.

She’s kindly shared these shots with a poem of sorts entitled Lucid Dreaming, we’ll leave it to Dela from here…

“Walking through infinite streets, there is beauty everywhere. I could walk for ever, finding beauty in the small things. It surrounds us always. I try to capture it, never sure if it is dream or reality. Sometimes I become part of a happening. Sometimes I am just another body in the crowd. And sometimes I discover I have friends. Am I dreaming this, or am I awake?

Infinite questions. Lucid dreaming.
I move through time and space. I capture moments and let them tell their story. Is their story mine, or someone else’s? Are these photos fragments of my life, or of my dreams? Simple and confusing, asleep and awake, dreams and reality.

Am I still lucid dreaming?”

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