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Aside from the global pandemic, evenings in Madrid are usually a glorious affair.

Pavement cafes serving up tapas and the coldest of beers as the sun dips over the golden streets.

The lights of Gran Via and the Banco de España (a true architectural wonder) begin to twinkle and the lawns of the Retiro begin to darken into deeper shades of green. In essence, a truly fantastic city and one which we can’t get enough of. 

Hinds caught our attention a few years back, a four piece Spanish girl band hailing from Madrid – with a ‘don’t give a fuck attitude’ whilst supporting the likes of the Libertines and the Strokes, as well as selling out their own shows across the globe. Not bad. 


To that effect, fielding a call from Quik originals, we were on a plane to Madrid the next day to catch up with Hinds post show in the new Boardriders store in Puerta Del Sol. Primo retail real estate for those in the know, and the rooftop bar next door is just fabulous.  We recommend. 

Hinds’ enthusiasm and easy going nature was evident from the get go. Explaining humbly their origins from a two piece then to a four piece and how their style has evolved as freely as their spirits. Starting in Madrid isn’t the easiest place – the infrastructure compared to London or New York is certainly more limited for incubating bands, especially set against a sad backdrop of misogyny that is still somewhat prevalent in modern day Spain. However not to be deterred, they toured America and  Europe to critical acclaim. Proud to be a rock and roll band, to create songs to talk about love, to scream, to express pure sadness or pure happiness.  Complete creative freedom. Now writing more in Spanish, and readjusting their relationship with their mother country – Hinds are coming to terms with being proud to be Spanish – and rightly so. 


As we spilled into the streets of malasaña dirking cañas and vodka limons with the band, their respective partners and production crew, the vibes were high. The evening light was golden and spring was beginning to hit Madrid and the world was a fine place to be in – made even more so by the charismatic, fun and above all friendliness of Madrid’s favourite daughters – Hinds.  It seems like the future is brighter than ever for these four Madrileñas. 

Viva Hinds, Viva Madrid and Viva Rock and Roll!


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