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FM April 21, 2020July 9th, 2020

Wasted Talent FM #15: Benjamin Howard

Surf Photography/Thumbnail:    Joshua Tabone

Surf Photography/Thumbnail: Joshua Tabone

If you’ve had your eyes in Volume VI already, Benjamin Howard’s name should ring a bell.

Benny—like most of his friends call him—has raised a few eyebrows of late, and for good reason.

Hailing from the suburbs of Port Macquarie, New South Wales, he’s possibly one of the best things coming out of Australia at the moment. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend checking his appearance in Former’s latest edit ‘nonsense’ alongside pal & teammate Craig Anderson… See what we’re talking about?

We were lucky to spend a few days with Benny last summer and get to know the legendary lad that he is. You would think that after recently landing an endorsement with a very en vogue main sponsor, Benny would drop everything to pursue a career in surfing at all costs, however we found out that Benny still drives trucks across Australia for a living. In an era where every single person stepping a foot in the surf industry feels like they’ve got to own a shiny German estate as a marker for success, we couldn’t help but be humbled by his simple take on personal happiness—Benny is a true legend to say the very least.

Photography:    Yentl Touboul

Photography: Yentl Touboul

One thing we quickly noticed when meeting him was his great taste in music. Upon first getting in his whip, we couldn’t help but salute his stack of Radiohead CDs—whether they were official releases or home-made compilations. Thom Yorke is up there on our list of favourite composers and after a few days of ridding shotgun with Benny, it became clear we could trust him eyes closed to maintain a prime musical ambience.

With the world on lockdown, we naturally dropped him a text to see what he’s been vibing of late.

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