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Vignettes April 26, 2020July 3rd, 2020

Memoirs from the Flying Dutchman

Nowadays everyone’s a photographer.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing per se.

But it can be hard to sift though the overwhelming feeds of people claiming they’re a professional photographer just because they shot 2x rolls of Portra 400 on their olympus mju ii 170mm zoom, whilst “exploring” Bali last summer.

Then there are those that just do it for fun. A personal hobby. So much so you have to plead to even see their photos.

That’s where Thijs Vroemen comes in. We’ve known Thijs for years. A humble dude from Amsterdam. And a bloody good looking one at that. He’s oblivious of course, due to harbouring such natural modesty it’s painful.

You only have to stroll the streets of Dam with him for two minutes to notice the flock of beautiful women doing a double take and genuinely eye fucking the shit out of him.

He’s so self effacing he barely ever shows his photos. But after much persuasion he’s starting to come out of his shell a little.

As a 9-5 man, his adventures abroad are few and far between. But when he travels he goes far, always taking his trusty Minolta x700, having a great time playing with different films, from the colours of Ektar100 to the monochromic textures of Kodak 400tx and Ilford HP5.

We’re delighted we finally managed to convince him to share some shots; varying from his very own backyard in Dam, to the landscapes of Tel Aviv, the waves of Indo and the backdrop of Sarges. And whilst he’ll be the first to admit he’s still learning with each roll he shoots and his horizon lines are often skewed, we can’t help be enamoured by his genuine humility and curiosity. Without further ado, the memoirs from a flying Dutchman.

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