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Vans put together a virtual birthday gathering in memory of beloved skateboarding icon, Jeff Grosso.

It’s a beautiful tribute to a true skateboarding legend and one that left us deeply, deeply moved.

Moderated by Chris Nieratko, the intimate memorial gathering includes Steve Van Doren, Loveletters to Skateboarding co-creators Rick Charnoski and Buddy Nichols, John Lucero, Steve Olson, Steve Alba and Lizzie Armanto, as well as a host of personal dedications and tributes from anyone and everyone in skateboarding.

The clip also includes never-before-seen-footage of Jeff by Greg Hunt from the Vans Propeller vert sessions as well as birthday edits by Six Stair Productions.

It’s an epic celebration for a true icon and one that deserves 97 minutes of your time.

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