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It’s no secret the Parisian scene has been on absolute beast mode for a while.

So much so we weren’t even that familiar with TROIS CDD.

Led by filmer Jimmy Cholley, the crew consists of Joshua Marques, Cesar Dubroca, Amélien Foures, Adrien Chabiron, Lucas Languasco, Kemisse Zouikri, Steven Faure, Flo Taverne, Victor Cascarigny, Jerome Sossou, Alix Malnati & Léo Spartacus to name a few.

All shot on a VX1000 with a host of cameos from various faces, *2ND* is one of those unexpected treats, full of great skating, solid filming, a soundtrack you’re bound to Shazam and some funky editing to boot.

We’re looking forward to seeing plenty more from these guys once the lockdown’s over!

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