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It’s been a long time since Öctagon dropped a video.

But goddamn was it worth the wait.

Staying true to their roots, MÖRPH is another gem and continues the brand’s reputation for mixing dynamic visuals with some heavy skateboarding.

And we mean heavy! There’s some absolute bangers in here, namely Remy Taveira – that nollie flip hippie jump is ridiculous – who gets better with each clip he puts out it seems. Add the likes of Edouard Depaz, Joseph Biais, Yeelen Moens, Lillian Fev & Quentin Boullion and you’ve got yourself a solid lineup!

It’s all edited together so vibrantly to Caterina Barbieri’s Fantas, with some Lana Wachowski samples from Burial’s classic Come Down To Us thrown in for good measure

Hats off to Joaquim, Elliott and the team. MÖRPH is joy to behold.

So much so it made us go back and watch ALPHA again. Arguably their chef-d’oeuvre!

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