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Vignettes May 23, 2020July 28th, 2020

Violet Shoulders


Sam Cashmore is a photographer whose work we’ve been raving about for quite some time.

You might recall his name from a recent book entitled Golden.

Presented in a 76-page wirobound format, the project looks at “the Golden State” from a completely objective standpoint. Examining the ups, downs and everything in between that California has to offer, asking the viewer to make their own mind up about the true life style of the state. All shot in black and white, it’s a beautiful photo essay, and we strongly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already.

On top of being a great photographer, Sam is also an attentive young man; one who’s aware of the history of photography and who’s paying attention to our contemporary culture, but mostly, one who’s always eager to share his knowledge with his community—something really refreshing in our current times. On top of sharing numerous tips/the work of fellow photographers through his own Instagram, he recently launched a weekly newsletter focusing on everything photography-related but also poetry, books… etc.

We’ll leave you with a link to his website where he’ll be publishing it, along with his latest photo series entitled Violet Shoulders and the project’s statement below:

Roland Barthes’ 1967 essay ‘The Death of the Author’ looks at the argument that the true author of a piece of text is not necessarily the one who put pen to paper but in fact the reader: this project is an exploration of using images as a replacement for text as a way of formulating poetry to allow the reader to construct their own narrative rather than relying on the aid of the author. The viewer is invited to participate in creating their narrative with the given images. This may be through sequencing, layering, cutting, or sticking.”

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