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African surf brand Mami Wata is proud to announce the production of AFROSURF – The Book, the first book to comprehensively document and celebrate surfing and related street culture in Africa. Sales of AFROSURF will raise money for African Surf Therapy projects Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children.

The book will be funded via a Kickstarter campaign that launches on Friday 21st August and aims to ship in November. A promo video has been produced with Mami Wata co-founder Selema Masekela who’s also a commentator, journalist, host, and Emmy-nominated producer best known for his work across VICE, E!, ESPN/ABC, National Geographic.




AFROSURF is a limited edition 300 page art book celebrating African surf culture and lifestyles through photography, stories, profiles, interviews and design.
– 25+ surfer profiles
– 14+ feature articles and thought pieces
– 18 countries featured
– 1 photo comic
– 200+ photos
– 300 pages
Global surf culture is dominated by the old blonde hair and blue-eyed narrative. Mami Wata is creating this book because Africa’s surf story needs to be told. Africa has a unique history of wave riding, its own diverse and original expressions of indigenous surf culture. The Motherland is also the final frontier of global surf exploration. Surfing, and protecting these natural, economic and social resources (waves) will play an important role in the development of the continent.



AFROSURF aims to capture and express the unique surfing lives and experiences of Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, Mozambique, Sao Tome, South Africa, Liberia, Somalia, Nigeria, Cote DíIvoire, Cabo Verde, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and more.
Mami Wata needs to raise £30 000 on Kickstarter to cover the costs of producing and printing AFROSURF. Thereafter all the profit from future sales goes to supporting the work of African surf therapy organisations, Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children.
As Mami Wata co-founder Selema Masekela puts it:
“AFROSURF is a book that I believe will redefine and expand how the world looks at surf culture.”
Fundraising for AFROSURF – The Book begins from 21 August until 21 September. This is an all or nothing raise. To reward our backers on Kickstarter there are some fantastic early-bird specials and an exclusive, limited edition AFROSURF Mami Wata T-shirt available to those who pledge.
Let’s get the word out and tell the story of original African surf culture.

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