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New discoveries are a blessing.

None more so than Michael N. Rodriguez‘s surprise video for Ensemble Room simply titled Untitled.

In fact in the past 24 hours it’s created quite a buzz, with Michael’s original Vimeo link we watched going private and Free Skate Mag seemingly snapping up hosting privileges.

Which is no bad feat as it’ll undoubtedly get thousands more views and rightly so.

Shot mostly in Los Angeles, featuring Seven Strong, Joseph Campos, Kyle Teh, Ryan Rodriguez and Patrick O’Mara, most of which we’d never heard of, Untitled is a refreshingly, glorious ode to best friends enjoying skateboarding with one another with no sense of pretentious foresight.

22 minutes of quite sublime skateboarding, impeccably filmed with a killer soundtrack to boot.

Michael even attached a heartfelt message about the project on site.

“Not being able to come up with a name really did not sit well with me at first.

Things would come but none would stick.

Nothing fit.

I have to come to realise it doesn’t matter.

It’s ours and that’s all that matters.

Together. It is so close to our hearts. A first for everyone.

No its not groundbreaking skating.

It’s just a fun project that happened naturally. I’m proud of these boys.

Not because of their skating in the video.

But because of what truly amazing humans they have all become from this project.

We’re all so close.

And they’ve grown so much.

How can you put a name on that? You can’t.

This isn’t us settling.

We are not forcing anything, call it what you want.

These kids deserve the world.

To be able to put out their first footage is an honour <3.

At the end of the day its only skateboarding.

We’re going to continue to do stuff the way we please.

How we please.

Have fun.

This isn’t basketball.”


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