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Those Dutch maestros are at it again.

Pop Trading Company return with another superb clip, wonderfully filmed and edited by Sami El Hassani – whose work we’re always hyped to see.

Following last year’s Carhartt x Pop collaboration Nihilist, as well as the epic Noah & Logan clip earlier this year. Bats & Mats was filmed entirely in Haarlem and features teams riders Bastiaan van Zadelhoff & Mats Edel, with illustrations by Joost Swarte and cameos by Jair Gravenberch, Alex Raeymaekers, Ali Belhadj, Chima Chibueze, Rob Maatman, Tobias van Rooij & Tycho Henskes.

With additional filming by Stan Vriend as well as Hi-8 footage from the rest of the crew, Bats & Mats is another solid addition to Pop’s ever growing filmography.

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