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Matt Payne might not be a name you’re too familiar with, but it should be.

Known mostly for his editing skills, Matt’s contribution to the visual aesthetic of surf and skate culture might be ignored to an undiscerning eye, but the ones who know, know that he’s up there with the best of his generation, being behind some of our favourite films of the past few years: Chippa’s Octopus part. The Cult of Freedom series. Sammy Montano’s iconic Globe part. Dylan Graves’ Explosion Salad… you name it.

Which is why we were beyond stoked to hear Matt has made an independent surf clip, featuring none other then Nate Tyler.

Octopus connections aside, Payne and Tyler is a dream combo, (If you missed our recent interview with Nate you can check it here).

Shot entirely on 16mm, ARBUTUS is a wonderful profile piece, beautiful capturing Nate’s two creative endeavours; surfing and sculpturing.

Refreshingly patient, ARBUTUS acts almost as a meditative essay on Nate’s daily routine, documenting both mediums of artistic expression in a dreamlike vortex.

Despite offering a personal insight into Nate’s many talents, the film also highlights Matt’s intrinsic eye for detail, showcasing his skills not just an editor, but as an independent filmmaker as a whole.

Having given us a lesson in documentary filmmaking with his film club several months back, it’s no surprise Matt’s clip proves his credentials as director, DoP and editor.

If ARBUTUS is a prelude of what’s to come, we can’t wait to see more from Monsieur Payne.

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