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Oh Jay Davies! In what we’re calling the edit of the year. 

Our family favorite here at WT, both in and out of the water.

From the salty brine of western Australia to the dancefloors of Amsterdam. Breaking hearts globally with his signature smile, don’t let those grey hairs (he’ll forgive us for saying so) fool you, not only is there life in the old dog yet, with what we have in store for him, he’s only getting started….

And since 2020 has prevented Jay from blessing our home shores, we’ll take the next best thing; 14 minutes of hostile surfing situations navigated with style and grace.

In case you missed our recent catch up with Jay, the surfing game is a cruel mistress. After 15 years of the “good life”, Jay recently found himself cut from his main sponsor via a force majeure contract void of sorts. Not one to wallow in a void of self-pity, Jay’s embarked on a new career tugging boats out of Fremantle.

And despite the panic attacks at missing swells on a regular basis, Jay’s lost none of his tube riding edge. 

Few make it look this good.

Filmed & edited by Tom Jennings.

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