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Shane Borland is a man of many talents, including snacking it seems.

Equally as good at navigating cones as he is at grinding pool copings, he does both with serious power and a style that very few possess.
So when Shane dropped in our DM announcing his latest 15min+ edit, as we’re in the midst of a goose chase in the French Riviera, we had to make it a must-watch this evening following our daily footage check.
Filmed and cut by Matt Tromberg, the film features Shane (now aka Snack Boy) and his friends, namely Balaram Stack, Colin Moran, Wil Reid, Kai Hing, Mauro Diaz and Ken ‘Kenergy’ Suzuki on a 1-month+ stint in Indonesia. It’s got solid surfing, an epic soundtrack, and a classic Metal Neck vibe throughout. Just a great representation of what a surf trip with your mates should be like.

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