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Having WOW’d us with their clip *2nd* back in May, Trois CCD return with another certified banger.

Having ended proceedings in the aforementioned clip, Amélien Foures openings proceedings this time around, fresh from his Rave welcome clip.

Talking of Rave, our favourite Edouard Depaz follows on from his latest part and exclusive playlist to score some delightful Parisian footage here as does fellow Bordeaux stalwart Andréa Dupré.

As always filmer Jimmy Cholley does a sterling job both behind the lens and the edit suite. if you’re struggling during this second lockdown we highly recommend you watch this .

Also featuring Lucas Languasco, Adrien Chabiron, Jerome Sossou, Cesar Budroca, Alix Malnati, Joshua Marques, Santiago Sasson, Hugo Corbin, Erik Mueller, Flo Taverne, Léo Cholet, PJ Chapuis, Sergey Sharabakin, Victor Cascarigny , Lucas Allard, Thomas Courteille, Steven Faure, Kemisse Zouikri and Ali Jbiloul.

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