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From the World February 13, 2021February 15th, 2021

RIP 3 – Drag Board Co-vid

The softboard brand born from a nondescript town in Aus, that you and I have never heard of, but a softboard brand that captured the world’s imagination. 

Re-defining the ‘trad’ body boarding scene and offering a light hearted tongue in cheek view of ‘actual surfing’, along the vein of ‘why so f*cking serious?’, is a view we share and hold close to our hearts with our Australian soft brothers. So when the chance to join Chippa on a Drag premiere tour in Japan in late 2019 presented itself, we jumped at the opportunity. Little did we know, that the film we were premiering was in fact the early rendition of Drag 3. 

With the obligatory 3 hour questioning in Tokyo airport on arrival (cough, a misunderstanding) setting the tone for what was to come, yours truly, Chippa and the Drag Japan team embarked on a whirlwind tour of the land of the rising sun. Showing the good people of Japan the true meaning of shape-shifting, and even offering vape-shifting demos in person. With time, and mainly alcohol, the memory fades but uncovering an old iphone we can now offer the true behind the scenes. 

For a more PG version of our time in Japan, and a go-to list of places, check out our VERO page.

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