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To say we’ve been waiting for this one impatiently would be an understatement.

Andrew ‘Droid’ Doheny has been a favourite since the Metal Neck days. We’ve always been big fans of his approach, either in the water or on land, showing the youth there was another way to live from surfing other than grinding QS heats.

Getting to meet Andrew in France two years ago (which consisted in chasing average waves in freezing weather, and discussing alt rock band antics) gave us an insight into the unique character he is. Despite the introduction, we didn’t get the chance to see much from Droid in recent years, which was unfortunate.
As highlighted in the above film, Andrew’s been through a dark phase of late, and has been struggling with his mental health. So it’s especially great to see Short Circuit marks Droid’s best surfing in ages. Since we started seeing Former stickers slapped on his Slob Crafts a few months ago, it was clear that something good was brewing between him and his new team manager—aka Mr. Dane Reynolds. The piece is a remarkably touching insight on Droid’s life, and we’re delighted to see him back in full form, in a safe place and surfing better than ever.
We’ve also been gifted with a new album from Andrew, named Royal Dog Shit, which we highly encourage you give a spin.

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