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South Africa has become a bit of a skate destination in recent years.

Whether it be Yann Horowitz‘s short PRIDE, shot by our very own Robin Pailler, or Jon Wolf‘s recent outing Are You There?, skateboarding is clearly thriving in the rainbow nation.

So it’s with great joy and intrigue that Vans have put together a full skate video project, showcasing the very best from Cape Town to Johannesburg and all the way to Kimberly.

Filmed and edited by Joubert van StadenFacetious is a testimony to South Africa’s broad range of spots. From huge pools to slappy curbs and everything in between.

Featuring Boipelo Awuah, Brendan Dyamonds, Brett Shaw, Chappies Galant, Chenai Gwadure, Dallas Oberholzer, Daniel Miltiadou, Ethan Cairns, Joubert van Staden, Kyle Kheswa, Melissa Williams, Tkay Modise, Trae Rice, Wynand Herholdt and Yann Horowitz.

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