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We’re huge fans of Yann Horowitz ever since we crossed paths at Helsinki’s Helride last year.

You may remember he bombed that hill stark bollock naked.

In fact South African’s finest was curator of our most recent playlist, four hours of feel good vibes, which if you missed we strongly recommend getting on right here.

In celebration of National Coming Out Day 2020, Vans & Skateism journeyed to Cape Town to take an intimate look at Yann’s journey of self discovery and self acceptance. From growing up in South Africa to coming out as gay. How his skateboarding and sexual identity became intertwined and the complicated balancing act of being both an inspiration, and still holding on to ones true self.

Filmed and edited by our very own Robin Pailler, and co-directed by Sam McGuirePRIDE is a celebration of individualism and self expression, allowing Yann to use his voice in reminding young LGBTQ+ people battling their inner demons that they are relevant, they are loved and they are heard. In Yann’s words – “Stay strong and stay fierce”.

Directed by Sam McGuire & Robin Pailler

Edited by Robin Pailler

Skate Footage & Additional Editing by Joubert Van Staden

Photos by Sam McGuire

Music Credits:

Fine Grind by Prince Nifty

Tape Experiment 2 and Technicolour by Michael Mcmenemy

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