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We’d be lying if we said it didn’t feel surreal to be watching the trailer for Dion Agius and Globe‘s upcoming film Dark Hollow.

Over three years in the making, Dion’s magnum opus has been highly anticipated, and for good reason. More than Dion surfing which is more relevant than ever, it’s his prowesses in the film-making department that blew us away in the past few years. With D teaming up with Joe G, a man that’s shaped what surf film culture is today, we can indeed expect something exceptional.

Dion seems like he’s pushed the needle one step further for this film. The project was gorgeously shot on location in Tasmania, but also features Japan and Indonesia. Ranging at around 30 minutes (as far as we know), the film also features appearances from Dion’s best friends, including Craig Anderson and Chippa Wilson. A heavy line-up indeed.

“Joe G and I have been working on Dark Hollow for the past few years. It’s grown and evolved over time, but it has always taken its core inspiration from my home state of Tasmania. The film is our vision of how the world could be if we looked after it”




On top of the stunning visual aspect of the film, it’s great to see Dion dedicating the project to a bigger cause. Named after the north-east Tasmanian creek located not far from where Dion grew up, the main aim of Dark Hollow happens to be protecting Dion’s home island. The project will be generating support for the future of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area, as well as un-protected locations around Tasmania. Following Globe’s recent efforts in reducing their environmental impact (read more about it here), Dion will be donating a minimum of $15,000 (AUD) to the Bob Brown Foundation as part of the launch of Dark Hollow.

One of the reasons why uncovering the film’s trailer feels like home might be that we’ve literally been living in the Dark Hollow realm for the past few months. In case you haven’t heard, we’ve been quietly grinding away on a very special print project, hand in hand with Dion and Globe: Dark Hollow, the hardcover book. A visual memoir of Dion’s time on the road filming for the project, as documented by photographers John Respondek and Nick Green. The full-length film and the book will be unveiled simultaneously around mid-May, so we’d advise keeping your eyes peeled.

In the meantime, you can check out Dion’s and Globe’s Dark Hollow capsule, featuring some key visual clues of the project in the form of illustrations by LA-based tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko.

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