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Los vientos Alisios – The Trade winds.

Seven days on the rock with Erwin Bliss and Héctor Menéndez.

The trade winds blew us into Fuerteventura from Dakar, via a stopover in Barcelona. PCR tests and airport hotels. Something about a journey.

Enter the Canaries; African in location and European in culture. Where Spain ends and the Sahara begins, separated by a mere 80 miles of sea. The rocks, the wind, the desert and the dust. And the sea, always the sea. We would hear rumours of better winds in Lanzarote and go there. We would later the find out the wind would be the same. Always north. Always on, or cross shore. South winds are only something that happens in memory and never in real life. We would get stopped by Guardia Civil and Erwin would have his wrist slapped. Héctor would guide us on our journey around the islands and surfed oversized twin fins with incredible flair. We explored every possible nook around the parameters of the rock we called home for seven days, letting the Alisios guide us. Trying to escape el viento but in the end, embracing it.


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Los Alisios.

Produced by Wasted Talent, in association with The Embassy.
Supported by Db.
Starring Erwin Bliss, with Héctor Menéndez.
Filmed and edited by Yentl Touboul.
Executive producer Alexei Obolensky.
Still photography by Nil Puissant.
Art Direction and design by George Hatton.

©Wasted Talent Magazine
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