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Video by Kylian Castells / Photo by Hamish Humphreys

We can’t help but rejoice everytime we get an update from our favorite Cachopisto, very dear friend and now suitable resident of the Island of the Gods,  Kylian Castells.

Every time he drops into my inbox, he usually has something good to share, and this time was no different. Kyli recently finished a short video project starring 15 year old ripper Koldo Illumbe. To be completely honest, we were completely unfamiliar with Koldo before this point. On the contrary of Kyli who’s decided to make Bali his new home before the whole pandemic started, we haven’t been on Indonesian ground for quite some time now, explaining our unawareness of Koldo’s recent bloom. Born in Bali from a Javanese mother and a Basque father who happens to be the founder of the legendary boat charter King Millenium, it didn’t take long for Koldo to follow his dad’s path, recently earning himself a contract with Vans.

“Koldo has the calm and patience of his mum and the passion for surfing from his dad. I met him 4 years ago when I first settled in Indonesia. I crossed path with him on a few sessions but I’ve really noticed him going next level over the past 2 years, especially in bigger heavier barreling waves. Last year he was charging at Padang Padang, Desert and some other spots I won’t name, and you could see he was having a lot of fun entering this new territory. After shooting with him, I was really impressed by his respect in and out of the water, and everyone who’s seen him surf agrees that he’s bound to become an amazing surfer in the next few years.”

After watching the 3-minute banger, we’d say we can easily trust Kyli’s words on that.


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