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All photos by Adrian Rios. Seen above: Felipe Bartholomé.

We’ve first heard of Adrian Rios whilst in Madrid for Adrian Del Campo’s pro graduation back in 2019. And what a time that was.

Originally from the Canary Islands (and childhood friend with one of our favorite humans Héctor Menéndez) Adrian has become a staple of the Madrid skate scene over the past few years, and for good reason.

The man truly has a unique eye, and being at the epicenter of one of the most flourishing scenes of the old continent, he’s build an impressive body of work. Ranging from skate photos in most major European publications, adverts in Thrasher magazine, to fashion shoots for Zalando and documenting his close friends in between, his photographs are marked by a vibrant use of color and an authentic connection to his subjects.

With the skateboarding and fashion worlds walking hand in hand more than ever before, we decided to catch up with him whilst on a recent trip to the Italian fashion capital. Follows a selection of his skateboarding, fashion and personal work, along with a few words from the man.


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WT: What do you think of modern fashion brands using skateboarding and its universe more and more in recent times?

Adrian Rios: In my opinion it’s always nice that different worlds meet each other. The most important thing for me is that the whole intent is authentic. It has to come from inside, and not only use one universe only for marketing purposes.

Can you tell us what is in your opinion the best use of skateboarding done by a high fashion brand in recent times?

The collaboration between Lucien Clarke and Louis Vuitton via Virgil Abloh comes to mind straight away. That Louis Vuitton Thrasher advert, the shoe itself, the video part… I’m amazed by how epic the project came out.

What does your background in skate photography brings you when shooting fashion?

Like everything you’ve done before, it brings you experience and a different point of view. Shooting skateboarding, its lifestyle and everything that surrounds street culture shaped the way I see things or the way I document it. From a taste perspective, and also from a purely technical approach and the way I chose gear for example… I guess that must translate to the fashion and personal work I do besides skateboarding.

Who are your inspirations in both disciplines? Are there specific photographers who have done both successfully in your opinion?

Most of my inspirations are people who are into both. Not necessary photographers but filmmakers, directors, friends… whose work could translate into both worlds. Some of my favorite inspirations only do skateboarding stuff or only fashion stuff, but most of the time, I notice that my biggest inspirations have a foot in both worlds.

I really like the work, vision and art of Max Verret, Henry Kingsford, Sem Rubio, Alex Pires, Sam Ashley, Rich West, Steffen Grap, Jacob Harris… friends like Roger Gonzalez, Felipe Bartolomé, Batard, Dani Millán, Héctor Menéndez… Also fashion photographers such as Angelo Pennetta, Quentin de Briey, Daniel Jackson… There are many more, but these are the ones who come to mind straight away.

What’s on the horizon for you in the next few months?

I’m currently in Milan shooting with the Carhartt team. I’m working on several other projects, both personal and commissioned. With things being as uncertain as they currently are, my main source of contentment is finishing each project I’m working on in a way that I’m proud of.


Adrian Rios WT 14
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