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Shaun Manners has been an absolute standout these past couple of years.

If you’ve seen Rage 3, you know what we’re about. Everybody including the film’s co-stars Noa Deane, Creed McTaggart & Beau Foster amongst others would agree that Shaun was the MVP, earning himself a recent sponsor update courtesy of the good lads at Globe. In case you’ve missed the boat, we oblige you to go buy the flick and watch the accompanying behind-the-scene piece that our friends at Stab have recently put together.

Whilst whispers of a new Epøkhe full length have been up in the air, today we’re gifted with a new 6 minute Shaun part to celebrate the release of his new Epøkhe frame. Put together by James Kates with direction from Kai Neville, ‘Guilty’ is a project born out yonder by the Western Australian native with an emphasis on being young, guilt-free and embracing now, both in style and manner’—a sentence fitting Shun’s spirit indeed.

In celebration of a full Epøkhe restock at Wasted Talent Boutique.

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