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We’ve been championing Dela Charles‘ work ever since we first crossed paths in Berlin over a year ago.

If you follow our vignette series, you’ll already be familiar with Dela’s work, having featured her photos from various trips to the U.S. in the form of Lucid Dreaming and People’s Duties.

So naturally we’re delighted to see Dela’s work has evolved into a book, the aptly titled 548 Days, is a visual essay on the relationship between skateboarding, architecture and urbanism, shot over the course of, you guessed it, 548 days, the book showcase photos from various trips across Europe, the U.S. and even Australia.

Dela collects numerous stories along the way, keeping a clear vision of her narrative in mind. She is in a constant dialogue with the idea, permanently analyzing, often leaving spots without creating anything useful, sometimes doubting. Nevertheless, she manages to create images with a lot of meticulousness and patience, with a good sense for lines and graphic structure, as precise as an architectural drawing.

This project is supported by Carhartt WIP & Cleptomanicx Clothing and the book is now available via our good friends at JB Institute.

You can grab a copy here.


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