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The French Caribbean is a place that sits close to our heart.

Multiple close friends and even a member of our own team originate from this beautiful part of the world.

On top of providing idilic surroundings, the French Caribbean has been producing some very fine talent, both in front and behind the lens. Take Tito Lavole, Erwin Bliss, Gatien Delahaye, Tim Bisso, Arthur Bourbon, Issam Auptel, just to name a few.

Another name to add to this list is one Simon Levalois-Bazer. Simon is a filmmaker who has produced some highly enjoyable videos in the past few years, notably Gatien Delahaye’s outstanding Tropical Bloom part as well as Thomas Debierre’s Trade Winds.

In Simon’s latest video Homegrown, we’re introduced to Hypolite Champion. HYPO, as his friends call him, is another Guadeloupe lensman & talented longboarder who also happen to grow his own food. The 6-minute piece sitting in somewhere between a longboard part and a profile piece, is a really enjoyable watch, and will most likely have you eyeing up some plane tickets to the French archipelago before the clip’s even finished.

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