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Coming 15/7

In the words of Phil Collins : “Susstudio”

Whilst beavering away in our office, aka the mezzanine above Wasted Talent Boutique (read; Saudi Arabia in summer, Norway in winter), we would wonder longingly about what lay the other side of the wall? What treasures lay within? For all intents and purposes, nothing more than a garage – but oh my! Such potential! We could knock through the walls and do whatever we pleased. A Gallery! A Bar! A Nightclub?!

Enter Wasted Talent Studio.

After what felt like 3 years of negotiations with our landlady who you could say, might not share the same aspirations as us – we had the keys. And now, we build.  A build led by our builder Gregory ‘Syndicate’ Simon and a tiler who would turn up to work professing his hatred for warm tequila and would then proceed to drink warm Sambuca. It was challenging. It was emotional. But yet, under qualified we made it. A studio was born.

So what is Wasted Talent Studio? Well, we’re not sure quite yet. A retail space. A space for events. A space for good times. A spaceship.

However what we do know is that our good friends Vans are in there for the first month with a ton of good stuff planned so watch this space, and do come and join us from 18h on the 15/7 for a few beers to break in the space.

202 Ave de Menuisiers, Soorts Hossegor, France 40150

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