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Californian beach breaks and breakfast burritos. What a life.

Haydenshapes‘ latest offering showcases Nate Tyler,  Micky Clarke, Dylan Graves, Warren Smith and Jake Kelley, our latest interviewee, testing out fresh boards, in between indulging in flour tortilla wraps of the breakfast variety.

It’s a delightful ode to road-trippy spring sessions with some phenomenal surfing on display. Which is what one expects when you see Matt Payne on the tools. The man’s everywhere at the moment. Whether it’s searching for unseen skate spots with Tom Karangelov in Weird Way Home, or documenting Nate Tyler’s sculpting and surfing in ARBUTUS,  Matt doesn’t seem to have an off switch and we for one, are delighted.

And if you’re keen for some back story on Burrito Boys, head over to Haydenshapes for a quick fire interview with Matt.

We’ve got something special in works with HS too, so watch this space very closely…..

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