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To say we have a bit of fondness in our heart for the Caribbean would be an understatement.

For one, it’s downright beautiful. Cerulean waters. White sands. The warm seas? There are tougher places to live. And when it comes to talent, the French Caribbean: has it. Tito Lavole, Erwin Bliss, Tim Bisso, Arthur Bourdon, Issam Auptel. Just to name a few.

And then there’s Gatien Delahaye. We’ve written about Gatien before. Always glowingly, of course. And his latest video feature won’t have us straying from that norm. ‘Pitstops’ is a new flick Gatien worked on with Simon Levalois-Bazer over the course of a few late spring swells in and around our little slice of home in the old continent and then some. The airs are orbital. The turns are sharp. The waves will get you antsy and reminiscing about the last time the Atlantic wasn’t just sheet glass. In short, you’ll like it. There’re shuvits and a good soundtrack, as well, which is the digital equivalent of an espresso on the house with dessert. Just an absolute treat.

Anyway, you’ll enjoy it. Trust us.


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