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Originals September 14, 2021September 22nd, 2021

Come Party At The W With Us

An intrinsic part of spending our lives on the run in search of waves, parties, skate spots and, above all, good times is the appreciation of a good hotel.

Those sheets. That spa. The room service. The icy beers. Such service!

So when our good friends at RVCA called us up to join their advocates for a week in Barcelona at the W, the most iconic hotel in one of our favourite cities, we couldn’t possibly refuse. Oh Barcelona! Blessed with sun all year round, skate spots galore, the occasional fun surf, sublime food, and nightlife that doesn’t really end – Barcelona is a port in the storm we highly recommend visiting.

With a hand-selected crew of surfers, skaters and musicians, we hit the golden city for a week for the finest times imaginable. What did we learn? Barcelona is a hell of a mistress and there is no finer place to hang your hat than the W. Ideally around the twenty-somethingth floor.

Checking out was an emotional time. No one likes a checkout. No one. A week seemingly blurred into one dream as these things often do. With rolls and hard drives.

Watch this space for our upcoming short film of our time there, as well as a print editorial in the upcoming Wasted Talent Vol X.

However, weirdly, we seemed to have made some friends in the process and lo and behold, we’re invited back to co-throw with RVCA and the W at the Summer Finale party on the 19th of this September. A small deal this is not, as the Sunday Wet Deck parties have a reputation to go off, and with DJ Falcon on the decks with other special guests – we’d wage we’re on for one of the biggest ones of the year.

The RVCA x W Barcelona x Wasted Talent – Summer Finale




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