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Originals September 21, 2021November 5th, 2021

Together Again


It’s been a strange old time.

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, limited social contact, no live events. The very aspects of life that formed our identity and culture seemingly pulled from under our feet overnight.

However, the dawn is here. The world is opening up and we can be together, again.

In celebration of this, we have partnered with our good friends VERO for the most glorious of photo competitions under the theme  —  Together Again. 

The premise is simple.

1. Sign up to VERO, and enter your image(s) that celebrate being #TogetherAgain. The theme is wide open for interpretation!

2. You can submit up to nine photos to tell your story in more detail. And be sure to include a description of your entry in the copy.

3. The entry period for submissions starts on the 20th of September.

4. Our judging panel will be choosing two weekly winners over the course of five weeks, from the 27th of September through ’til October 31st. So if you didn’t win the first week? No worries.

5. The ten winners will have one of their winning photos printed by our good friends at Blank Prints, and then will be exhibited at an art show at Wasted Talent Studio in Hossegor, France from November 15th through to the 21st. We’ll then ship the frames direct to the winners (you’re welcome) as well as being featured in our upcoming WT publication.

6. The overall winner (announced at the gallery show) will also receive a $1000 voucher to spend at an independent camera shop of their choice. Because it’s nice to give back.

Let’s meet the Judges.




Pierre David@PierreDavid
French photographer and director Pierre David is known for his delicate yet powerful style that evolved from spending years traveling the Globe. Having been part of the underground art and music scene of New York City and Paris for many years, Pierre started his career by shooting nightlife, bands, and conceptional work. Throughout the recent years he has gained himself a reputation as an independent fashion and lifestyle photographer and director.




Rachel Summer@RachelSummerr
A Southern California-based creative who is multi-skilled in all things production. Rachel’s creative journey started with a BA in Visual Arts Media with an emphasis in Photography from the University of California, San Diego. Post-graduation, Rachel started her own freelance career specialising in wardrobe styling, prop styling, event producing, commercial producing, and portrait photography. Rachel’s goal is to use art as a way to uplift women and create a community of diverse people coming together for a common goal.




Nick Pumphrey@NickPumphreyPhoto
Nick is at the moment based in St Ives, Cornwall… This could change at any given moment as he has twitchy feet and loves an adventure. Since he was 16 years old, his love for art, photography and the simple act of composing a photograph has stayed very close to his heart. It has been 22 years since he put a black and white film into his Pentax, it has always been a pursuit of joy, and today it is a job of sorts that offers many different experiences, something that his ever-curious soul can identify with.



Here’s the schedule.


Monday 20th September – Submissions accepted
Monday 27th September – Judging period begins
Wednesday 3rd November – Competition closed
Monday 29th November – Gallery opens
Sunday 5th December – Gallery closes & winner announced


Click here for terms and conditions + submission details.


Sign up to VERO now.



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