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Originals September 14, 2021

Wasted Talent x Globe | The Dover II

Changing of the season soon, did you know that?

So soon. Ignore the fact it’s still warm enough outside that you could suck an ice cube with a tenacity that borders on the erotic. That’ll change soon. No more flat oceans and getting really light-headed off two pints and legitimately not being bothered to eat dinner. That all comes to the stop with the new season. And with a new season you need a new pair of shoes, and thankfully the good people at Globe have us covered.




The Dover II is a re-tweak of one of our favourite shoes, the Dover, and a subtle lesson in understatement. And like all good things we thought it up over a few evening drinks in London. Or, was it Paris? Come to think of it, it was probably Barcelona. Full-grain black leather so you don’t ruin them yomping around on your first big night out. Engineered insoles for maximum speed and comfort when going to and ‘fro the beach and the pub. A mid-slung boot style that says, “Yes, I’d be happy to meet your parents.” And the best part is, they still look good even after you’ve worn them down. Shoes you are not going to regret having on your feet.

The Wasted Talent X Globe | Dover II is available now from Wasted Talent Boutique.


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