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From the World September 21, 2021

Please Don’t Forget This

Printed media, it always comes through in a pinch, doesn’t it?

Like, when you decide to have your first adult dinner party. The kind where the vibe is very, “Drinking wine out of actual glasses,” and you need some things for the coffee table. Crisps. Some dip. A book? Something you can point at and gently incline people to flip through while they sit down and quietly laugh? Something that’ll break the chatter about where everyone works and how everyone’s work was and how work everyone’s work is going? Something with nice photos that also shows everyone how refined and diverse your tastes are? Absolutely.

Books, they’re also great for those moments when you’re on that long bus or train or bus and train to and from work. You know, where the 4G service flickers in and out and the person sitting next to you gives you a, “This metro, huh?” look and you need to really dramatically put your headphones on and pull something out to read to avoid any sort of conversation. Come to think of it, breaking out a few pages is also fantastic for when it’s raining and you just want to go to the pub, sit in a quiet booth, drink exactly two pints, and not be bothered.




One of the finer bits of printed media we’ve seen in some time is Andrew James Peters’ latest: Please Don’t Forget This.

Featuring photographs of Austyn Gillette and Jake Anderson from the making of Former’s “Audible Refuge” skate video, it’s a treat. Shot throughout Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. It also includes an exclusive interview and incites from Peters himself. Hardcover, 108 pages, and new page smell included.

We highly recommend you add it to your library.

Shop “Please, Don’t Forget This” and the Wasted Talent and Former collection online now.


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