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Putting together a proper team edit can be such a tricky affair.

There’re so many moving parts. All the traveling. Getting waves. Pairing a 38-year-old team rider with a 15-year-old team rider and hoping one doesn’t kill the other. They tend to fall flat on their face and it end up getting shoved in the proverbial YouTube ‘Watch Later’ bin.

But sometimes they stick the landing. And this is one example. Starring Creed McTaggart, Jai Glindeman, Joel Parkinson, Ryan Callinan, Italo Ferreira, Ethan Ewing, Isabella Nichols, Mia McCarthy, Griffin Colapinto, Jack Freestone, Liam O’Brien, Seth Moniz, and Sid Englert. Reckon that’s just about the whole team in some excellent Western Australia surf. Guaranteed to spice up your weekday.

Shot by Toby Cregan.

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