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From LA to Australia to Japan and all the wonderful stops in between.

Vans’ latest global video is truly an epic proportion. Instead of sprinkles of destinations or spots here and there with a focus in the usuals, they really went all in, with Greg Hunt gathering footage videographers in Germany, Canada, Japan, and just about any other place you can throw a dart at on a map as well. And of course, we’re all the better for it. Not a single part is lacking. Like children, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but Notis Aggelis’ section is a particular treat. Fire this up and enjoy it over your Friday desk lunch.

Filmed by Greg Hunt, Tommy Zhao, Shari White, and a whole lot more.

Starring Nick Michel, Ronnie Sandoval, Alexey Krasni, Notis Aggelis, Dustin Henry, Diego Todd, Pedro Delfino, Wang Guohua, Breana Geering, and, of course, Chima Ferguson.

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