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Sometimes there are directors that just get it. 

The best in the business are what they are because they know how to bring out perfectly encapsulate a feeling. Capture lightning in a bottle and show it off, that sort of thing. Think: Stanley Kubrick on descending into insanity, Armando Iannucci on political dysfunction, Paul Verhoeven on American capitalism. 

Now, Chapter 11 TV doesn’t touch on any of those sorts of particular subjects. But it does nail the vibe of the Really Good Fun that is surfing in and around southern and central California just about perfectly. The equal amounts of good waves and very bad waves. The grey water and morning fog. The immense amounts of parking lot banter. They frame it all perfectly. 

The newest edition, and you won’t be shocked at all at where this sentence goes next, is no different. Dane, Jake Kelley, Micky Clarke, Eithan Osbourne, Matt McCabe, Rolando Montes, Curren Caples, and even Jake Anderson! 

Filmed by Hunter Martinez and Jason Blanchard. If you missed the last two installments (they were non-embeddable, so, you know, dedicated fan bases only) of Chapter 11: go watch. It’s this professional writer’s refined opinion that they’re both really fucking good.   

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