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From the World November 10, 2021

Nate Tyler and Brendon Gibbens in ‘DUEWEST’


A little bit more than the normal offering being plated here.

You have Nate Tyler and Brendon Gibbens doing the whole, “Why I surf,” chat. Then you have them both hopping in the surf and doing that thing they do on waves: absolutely ripping them. There’s some b-roll, some quick voiceovers on their friendship, and then there’s some more surfing followed by a touch more surfing followed by even more surfing. And it’s all quite good, of course.

It’s a whole mixed-bag situation here, really. A little something for everybody, no matter their tastes.

It’s not hard to find both Nate and Brendon’s combined presence highly enjoyable and ‘DUEWEST’ is no different. Sideways triangle play button. Relax for the next nine minutes. Enjoy. You know the drill.

Filmed by Perry Gershkow.

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