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From the World November 18, 2021November 22nd, 2021

Craig Anderson Is Kindly Giving Away A Surfboard




There’s a certain point in life where the question is not so much how you’re going to earn money, but how best to spend it.

To see hard dollars, euros, or the cards used for them gather dust is a tragedy. Life’s rich pageant is there for the taking! Oysters on the beach? Something local and tres sec and on ice to go with them, perhaps? A classic, and always lovely option.

Oh… but you have been rather fond of that mohair car coat that keeps eyeing you from the window of the shop you pass by on your way to your routine coffee. The Atlantic has been chilling off and it is Italian, after all. Decisions, decisions. Oh, well, it won’t seem like much of a problem later once the table-side service is showing off a label for approval and you realise that, yes, your new brown houndstooth number does, in fact, match the saturated grays and khaki undertones of the empty oyster shells in front of you.

But yet: nothing is as invaluable as a gift. Even in a charmed existence.


WastedTalent x HS x Former - Untitled Giveaway 1
WastedTalent x HS x Former - Untitled Giveaway 2
WastedTalent x HS - Untitled (Back)
WastedTalent x HS - Untitled (Front)


To that end, Craig Anderson is kindly giving away a fresh Haydenshapes number. And not just any board, but a very limited edition, box-fresh 5’7” Haydenshapes Untitled V2 model in black. Just like the one he rode in ‘Ceremony.’ And it could be yours. Wax it up, grip it up, and hold it up in front of your eyes and even those with a limited imagination could trick themselves into believing they’re holding the exact same thing.

Craig wants to make sure he’s dealing this board to a deserving set of hands, though, of course. So all he’s asking is you hand over your email. Not the worst, for a small blind bet. With FORMER, Haydenshapes, and ourselves at the table as well, we’re spicing things up by adding two FORMER x Wasted Talent product packs from our exclusive merger collection to the pot. 

Best hand wins the Haydenshapes Untitled V2. Next two hands win a FORMER x Wasted Talent prize pack.

You can sign up here. Good luck.

You can read all the terms and conditions and other technicalities here.

And if you don’t win, we still have a few Haydenshapes x WT Untitled V2s and Cohorts at Wasted Talent Boutique.     


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