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Healthy mental practice dictates that we should let go of the past.

Its bad energies. Its rifts. Its grudges. We should forgive previous mistakes and move on from those who wronged us and not dwell on those moments that are stopping us from living a healthful, focused life. This is a theory I broadly subscribe to. However: nostalgia is a potent drug. 

And on that note, remember now good the old “Lost” team movies were? 5’5” 19 1/4”. What’s Really Goin’ Wrong. All the Lost Across America’s. Perhaps I’m revealing a little too much about my age here but it felt like we were at the zenith of something special then. What that special thing was exactly? Tricky to say. A high-water mark synonymous with great surfers sharing a shaper as loud music played over semi-grainy footage and such, perhaps. 

Luke Short has been producing quality surf craft out of Angourie, in New South Wales, for the past 20 years now.  Since his start making Y2K-appropriate craft he’s evolved to modern high-performance standards. Has he adjusted well? Well, Noa Deane‘s been preferring them underneath his feet for quite some time (read; a majority of his professional life) now, so we’ll let you work out the rest there.

Luke and Noa and team dropped a full-blown, return to the classics team edit out of nowhere last night and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Starring Matt Banting, Benjamin Howard, and more as well. With appearances by Taj Burrow and Richie Lovett also. There are worse ways to pass a Thursday morning.

Directed by Tyge Landa.

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