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From the World December 23, 2021

Craig. By Respondek. The Second Edition.

What constitutes a year?

Technically, a just-uninterrupted series of words and pictures. Reading of and looking at, respectively. A few beach days and fancy dinners and the such breaking it up here and there, but that’s about it. Emails. Movies. Books. Texts. The lot. 

Photo books? Absolutely. And while we’re mentioning things such as a set of pages you wouldn’t mind spending some time looking over, may we point you in the direction of Craig Anderson and John Respondek’s latest venture? Craig. By Respondek. The Second Edition. 

No secret that Craig and John are a duo we’ve been very publicly crushing on for years now. On top of being both names regularly associated on the pages of our favorite publications, we’ve recently been very privileged to work with one following their latest flick — Ceremony— and had a 14-page feature first announcing the release of the third installment of these very books.

Like its previous edition, Craig. By Respondek (Second Edition), showcases Craig’s pivotal career moments, whilst also revealing the authentic in-between bits and pieces. Once again bound together in mustard yellow, like its predecessor, it’s a fine addition to your surely silver-fixtured coffee table.



What else is inside? Well, over the last three years, Craig and John have been busy shooting photos. They’ve been on many adventures and have acquired some great new images, which has led to the release of this brand new visual essay. The duo has hand-selected imagery from the best of their endeavours, and the book is finished off with captions by Craig himself.

“We’ve had some great sessions over the past few years,” says Craig. “We’ve surfed a whole lot of new waves and returned to some old favourites. I love the idea of images being compiled, curated, and bound together in one place, and I’m excited to share my part of the picture in this book. Hope you enjoy.”

“After publishing our first book, Craig and I were somewhat overwhelmed, yet ultimately honoured with the response from readers,” writes John.” It was amazing when we realised that people appreciate what we do, and it’s always a thrill to know that our work sits catalogued in book collections around the world. So, after considering this, we thought it would be fun to work together on another print project.” 

One-hundred and twenty pages. Invigorating words and beautiful photos. All ready to be picked up at Wasted Talent Boutique now. Perfect for a last-minute gift or letting guests flip through at your upcoming Christmas party.

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