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From the World December 24, 2021

Year In Review #7 The Liaizon


As part of the ongoing camaraderie between Wasted Talent and Globe, we were so proud to present The Liaizon.

Liaizon (sic); To link between. Communication or co-operation facilitating a close relationship between people or organizations.


2021_04_14 WT GLOBE by MS analog-56
2021_04_13 WT GLOBE by MS-2
2021_04_13 WT GLOBE by MS-6
2021_04_14 WT GLOBE by MS
2021_04_13 WT GLOBE by MS
2021_04_14 WT GLOBE by MS analog-63
2021_04_13 WT GLOBE by MS-10
2021_04_13 WT GLOBE by MS-44
2021_04_14 WT GLOBE by MS analog-37
2021_04_14 WT GLOBE by MS analog-58


After the reception of our first love child, The Dover, the question was naturally raised: what’s next? We locked heads, poured a few stiff drinks and set about it with the best intentions of all that is avant-garde, guided by our marriage of minimalism.

Enter the Liaizon.

Born from a deep admiration of the classic penny loafer, an elegant post-modern twist on an old favourite. Effortlessly whisking you from the beaches of the Amalfi, to the pavements of New York and ending up in the bars of Sydney as the sun begins to dip and the lights begin to twinkle. Fine times indeed. Made all the better by a full-grain leather construction, heat embossed logo hits, gold foil heel print and a custom double-sided gold coin insert to celebrate the beauty of poise and elegance combined.




We thought you’d like it.

Limited edition, comfortable, smart.

“Elegance is refusal.”

You can shop the last few Liaizons exclusively at Wasted Talent Boutique.

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